About Us

1-Two-Tree Trimming provides licensed and insured technicians who are trained to ensure that you receive the highest standard of tree care. You can always depend on our team of professionals to provide more than expected for less than expected.

Experts at our trade we are knowledgeable about tree care and can share helpful information intended to maximize the quality and value of services. But first and foremost we listen to your vision for the treescape, including canopy clearance, thinning percentages, sculpting accents and any desired limb removals.

After all they are your trees…

Every tree is different. Every tree has a unique natural beauty. And every tree must remain in balance ​with the eco-system of its surroundings.

In order to properly trim we take into account the pre-existing equilibrium between canopy, roots, soil and available sunlight.

San Antonio: 210-776-8764 | You Can Count On Us