Do You Have A Dangerous And Sick Tree On Your Property?
Trees provide us with several benefits, including clean and healthy air and a richer environment. They also reduce noise pollution and give our home and yard a great aesthetic. However, some trees can end up doing more harm than good.Tree Removal San Antonio
Dangerous and diseased trees can do a lot of damage to your home and property. Read on for some signs on how to identify these trees in your yard to avoid potential risks and damages from falling branches.

Cracks or Splits in the Bark

When the weather gets cold, trees will often contract and expand, which causes several cracks or breaks on the trunk, branches, and root of the tree. When temperatures start to fluctuate, keep an eye on your trees, and look out for the following:
● Vertical cracks, which could mean the roots are breaking
● Cracks that go into the ground, which occurs due to lightning striking the tree, meaning the tree could split in half.

Dead Wood

Dead wood is brittle and soft, making the tree very unpredictable. You can identify dead wood the following ways:
● Change in the appearance of the foliage: If some branches don’t have any leaves, while the rest of them are healthy and full of them, this could mean dead wood.
● Falling bark: Bark that fell on the ground and has not been replaced by new bark may mean dead wood underneath.
● Fungi: If there is sprouting mushrooms or fungi, wood could be at risk or already dead.

Insects on the Tree

Some types of insects will nest inside trees, causing devastating damage to the health and life of the tree by weakening the branches and overall structure, which can lead to them breaking and falling. Some things you need to watch out for are:
● Small holes: Tree borers will cause tiny symmetrical holes. They also produce a substance similar to sawdust, which falls to the ground beneath the tree.
● Circled trees: A circled tree is when a strip of bark is missing, and it appears to have been removed from the tree’s circumference. The removed bark is very troublesome to the tree’s safety, as it is where the nutrients are spread throughout the tree.
Taking a Tree Down San Antonio
It’s important to point out that trees that have already been damaged are more attractive to tree borers, so if you notice the circles without bark or the small holes in your trees, it’s vital that you act quickly. If you catch it soon enough, you may be able to prevent the infestation of the insects and save your trees.

What You Need To Do If One Of Your Trees Is Dangerous and Sick
Damaged or diseased trees can turn into a huge issue, causing harm or injury to you, your family, and your property. You want to avoid injury or thousands of dollars in repairs from a fallen tree, so it’s important that you reach out to professional tree services for an assessment of the health of your trees.
You can fix a lot of these problems just by cleaning up the area and pruning your tree. If the damage is severe, then the tree will have to be removed, but this is usually in extreme cases. No matter what the solution is, you need a professional opinion, so reach out to a professional tree removal service for a consultation.