Commercial Tree Services

In today’s competitive economic climate, a lasting impression increases client retention. One of the easiest ways to create an attractive business landscape is healthy and beautiful trees surrounding your property. When your commercial property is well maintained, it reflects quality services and thorough attention to detail.

When trees are properly cared for, they create a safer environment, live longer and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. 1-Two-Tree Trimming provides your business with proper tree care maintenance, keeping your trees beautiful and healthy. Your commercial trees will solidify your brand and enhance your curb appeal.

Preserve your trees

The ISA certified arborists at 1-Two-Tree Trimming have the skills and knowledge to deliver tree care services to commercial properties, including shopping centers, homeowner’s associations and business parks.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to make sure your commercial property is not only attractive but free of potential hazards.

We aim to preserve your trees, but we understand that sometimes tree removal is necessary for future development or safety reasons.

We cover all bases of tree maintenance, from tree pruning and trimming to tree removal, and everything in between.

We Provide the Following Commercial Tree Services in San Antonio

  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Arbor Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Thinning
  • De-Mossing
  • Soil Analysis
  • Fertilization
  • Treatment of Parasites and Diseased Trees, including Oak Wilt
  • Cabling
  • Stump Grinding
  • Brush Chipping
  • Hauling
  • ISA Certified Arborist Consultation

Commercial Tree Trimming and Removal Services in San Antonio

Neglecting to maintain the trees on your commercial property can cause a safety hazard. Trees don’t simply take care of themselves, and they need continued maintenance to enhance their appearance and ensure their long lifespan.

Tree trimming services can include the removal of damaged, misshapen or dead branches and limbs. Inward growing branches, water shoots and rubbing branches also need to be removed to maintain the tree’s overall shape, health, and safety.

Tree removal can be a lot of work, so let our experts take all the hassle out of it for you. No matter if you are looking to enhance your property’s aesthetic value or need to remove a tree to avoid a safety hazard or structure damage, we are always here to address any tree removal needs.

ISO Certified Arborists

The experienced and skilled arborists at 1-Two-Tree Trimming can identify tree hazards in your commercial property that you may not notice.

Commercial properties have additional foot and vehicle traffic, therefore making trees more vulnerable to experiencing split or damaged limbs, trunk wounds and root damage.

Over time, these issues can cause potential safety hazards that need to be addressed by our certified arborists.

If you ignore safety risks and potential issues, the trees can cause liability problems and cause property damage.

It’s always best to have preventative maintenance, and our certified arborists can determine whether a tree needs to be removed for long term safety, or how the issue can be dealt with otherwise.

Furthermore, diseases can attack commercial trees when drought root compaction stresses them out.

Desiccation from summer heat and lack of summer rain in parking areas can cause premature leaf drop, wilting and thinning of canopies.