Tree Trimming Advice From The Professionals

Not many people know a great deal about tree trimming, which is why advice from professionals is always welcome, especially since it is a potentially dangerous task to undertake. Professional tree service companies have years of experience trimming and pruning trees, so you could do with learning from their expertise. Tree trimming - tree pruning san antonio
To keep your trees healthy, there are several tree trimming techniques you can employ. Read on to find out more about the best methods employed by the experts.

Trees Should Regularly be Trimmed

Pruning and cutting a tree will help with its aesthetic and appearance, making it look fantastic. You shouldn’t try and impose an unnatural shape to your trees, as this can permanently damage its branches and leaves. Instead, work on the natural shape of the tree.
It’s important that you remove broken and dead branches as they are hazards to your safety, possibly breaking off and fall on top of you or your property. Another benefit of trimming is taking care of branches that are growing too close to power lines.

Pruning Should be Done During Dormant Season

The resting or dormant seasons of trees generally happens when temperatures drop, and there is less daylight. Oak and elm trees are best trimmed or pruned during this season, as this will avoid the spread of Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm diseases. Your local nursery or tree services company can tell you the best time to prune your trees depending on their species.

Trees Should Not be Over Pruned
A tree’s foliage should not be trimmed more than 20% at a time, and you should preferably stick to cutting around 10% of the foliage. Trimming too much of the canopy will create difficulties for the tree in supporting itself and producing food.

Use Proper Pruning Equipment
Some of the most common tools to trim trees are pole pruners, pruning shears, saws, and chainsaws, as they can do the job more safely and quickly. Your tools should always be sharpened and well maintained. It’s important that you clean your equipment after pruning your trees, as any disease can be spread from tree to tree by using infected tools. Bleach or alcohol are good disinfectants.

Plan Your Approach
Professional tree service companies will examine your property and your trees before cutting or trimming, and you should do the same. Before you start, make a plan to know how much foliage needs to be removed, and how many cuts you need to make. When you plan your approach, you ensure that the job gets done faster and more easily.
Start by removing diseased or dead branches, and then remove any limbs or branches that are posing a possible safety hazard. Your last step should be to make any training cuts that are needed. Once you’re done, step back and take a look at your tree. Stepping back and observing your work will help you determine if any additional cuts are needed.
In broad terms, you can prune your trees at any time of the year. However, professional tree services recommend different trimming seasons for different plant species. It’s more challenging and dangerous to trim branches that are near power lines, so if you feel it’s unsafe, make sure to hire a professional to do the job.